Pressure Pumps

Pressure pumps are used to increase water pressure in places where it is inadequate as the incoming municipal water supply in some homes may not be sufficient. In such cases, you may need to use a pressure pump to create a strong and consistent stream of water.

A variety of pressure pumps are available to transport multiple types of substances and can be made from materials such as aluminium, brass, bronze, cast iron, plastic or stainless steel.

Pressure pumps are also commonly found accompanied with pressure tanks and pressure controllers. A pressure controller can automatically turn your pump on when the demand in the pipe line is needed and turn it off when the pressure in the line has built back up to the pressure controls set point.

In addition, they may be strategically designed to transport complex media, such as hazardous materials, saltwater, processed food, fuel, coolants or liquid metal. The motor on a pressure pump may be mounted on the pump end or on a bearing frame.