Water Truck Pumps

Oz Pump are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of stocked Water Truck Pumps from Australian pump manufacturing company, Stalker Pumps.

Stalker Pumps are a Perth based pump business that specialise in delivering high quality, 100% Australian made pumps. They are equipped with an onsite foundry and a skilled production team that delivers rugged and dependable pumps.

Being located in Western Australia, Stalker Pumps understand the importance of delivering water cart efficiency to Australian mining and civil customers.

They have a broad range of water cart pumps that are suited to a variety of water truck types. Please refer to their range below.

If you have any questions in regards to our water cart pumps please feel free to contact us.

stalker lsh pump

LSH Bare Shaft (CI/BR)

Model: 80HL

Stalker-Pumps-LSH-Hydraulic Coupled Pumps

LSH Hydraulic Long Coupled (CI/CI/MS)

Model: 80HL HYD

hydraulic pump

ISO Hydraulic Close Coupled (CI/CI/SS) 

Model: 100×65-250HCCWS


ISO Bare Shaft (CI/CI/MS)

Models: 80×50-315, 100×65-250, 100×65-315, 125×100-250, 125×100-315, 150×125-315

Stalker Pumps ISO Hydraulic Driven Bare Shaft Pumps

ISO Hydraulic Bare Shaft (CI/CI/SS)

Models: 80×50-250HCCK, 80×50-315HCCK, 100×65-200HCCK, 100×65-250HCCK, 100×65-315HCCK, 125×100-250HCCK, 150×125-250HCCK

stalker hydraulic pump

ISO Hydraulic Close Coupled (CI/CI/MS)

Models: 80×50-250HCC1, 80×50-315HCC1, 100×65-200HCC1, 100×65-250HCC1, 100×65-315HCC1, 125×100-250HCC1, 150×125-250HCC1, 80×50-250HCC2, 80×50-315HCC2, 100×65-200HCC2, 100×65-250HCC2, 100×65-315HCC2, 125×100-250HCC2, 150×125-250HCC2

Materials of Construction (please note we have other material options available on request)

Construction Volute / Back-Plate Impeller Shaft Mechanical Seal
CI/CI/MS Cast Iron Cast Iron Carbon / Ceramic / Nitrile Carbon / Ceramic / Nitrile
CI/CI/SS Cast Iron Cast Iron 431 Stainless Steel Carbon / Ceramic / Nitrile
CI/BR Cast Iron Zinc-Free Bronze 316 Stainless Steel Gland Packed