Grundfos JP Series Pumps

Grundfos JP Series Pumps

Grundfos JP Series Pumps

Grundfos JP Series Pumps are a self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump with axial suction port and radial discharge port, G 1 or Rp 1. The pump has a built-in ejector with guide vanes for optimum self-priming properties.
The robust design makes the pump suitable for fixed installation. The custom-built composite handle is fitted lengthwise.


The pump is directly coupled to a special fan-cooled asynchronous Grundfos motor which corresponds to the pump performance. Single-phase motors have a built-in thermal switch and require no additional motor protection. Three-phase motors require external motor protection.Enclosure class: IP44 (splash-proof). Insulation class: F.


Built for a long, trouble-free working life, the small and handy Grundfos jet pump is suitable for a wide variety of water supply and transfer duties in home, garden and hobby applications as well as in agriculture, horticulture and small-scale service industries.

When used in combination with a pressure control or tank, the JP pump is ideal for small water supply systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Self-priming
  • Stable operation even if there is air in the liquid
  • Ideal for small water supply systems
  • Compact and handy

Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers, producing over 16 million pump units each year. They are the world largest manufacturer of circulator pumps, covering approximately 50 per cent of the world market for these pumps. In addition to pumps they also produce standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps.

JP 5 - 0.48kW
RRP: $760.10
Sale Price: $608.10
JP 6 - 0.92kW
RRP: $899.80
Sale Price: $719.85
JP Booster 5 PM1 - 0.48kW
RRP: $865.70
Sale Price: $692.55
JP Booster 6 PM1 - 0.92kW
RRP: $1,021.90
Sale Price: $817.50
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