Stalker Pumps ISO Hydraulic Pumps (Direct Coupled 2000RPM)

The Stalker Pumps ISO Hydraulic Driven Pumps are locally manufactured in Perth, Australia and are designed specifically for Water Cart Trucks. The below pumps are best suited for dust suppression applications and come with a direct coupled connection and an operating speed of 2000RPM.


  • Users will be able to quickly mount or replace their motor due to the pumps quick coupling arrangement
  • The hydraulic motor can be mounted directly on the bearing pedestal end which eliminates alignment issues
  • The pump has a spline shaft drive which allows for even distribution of shaft loading and power transfer
Materials of Construction
Construction Volute / Back-Plate Impeller Shaft Mechanical Seal
CI/CI/MS Cast Iron Cast Iron Carbon / Ceramic / Nitrile Carbon / Ceramic / Nitrile
  • CI (Cast Iron): Suitable for general industrial applications
  • MS: Carbon / Ceramic / NBR unbalanced mechanical seal

Products are sorted by Suction Size

80x50-250HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM130, 20kWs, 101Nm, 103BAR, 90LPM
Regular Price: $11,730.00
80x50-315HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM131, 29kWs, 154Nm, 117BAR, 124LPM
Regular Price: $13,936.00
100x65-200HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM130, 17kWs, 98Nm, 103BAR, 90LPM
Regular Price: $12,021.00
100x65-250HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM131, 29kWs, 149Nm, 117BAR, 124LPM
Regular Price: $12,076.00
100x65-315HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM176, 48kWs, 274Nm, 103BAR, 296LPM
Regular Price: $17,346.00
100x80-160HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM130, 11kWs, 53Nm, 103BAR, 74LPM
Regular Price: $10,513.00
125x100-250HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM176, 56kWs, 288Nm, 103BAR, 296LPM
Regular Price: $18,482.00
125x100-315HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM176, 83kWs, 461Nm, 100BAR, 369LPM
Regular Price: $19,932.00
150x125-250HYD, CI/CI/MS, GM176, 68kWs, 369Nm, 100BAR, 369LPM
Regular Price: $19,201.00
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