Indeng Monoflo VRB End Suction Pumps

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Posted: 17 August 2016

Indeng Monoflo VRB End Suction Pumps

Indeng Monoflo VRB End Suction Pumps

The Indeng Monoflo VRB End Suction Pump is a reliable and efficient single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump.

Being Indeng’s general purpose pumps range, the Monoflo VRB can be used across multiple application. Indeng Monoflo VRB’s simple construction ensures ease of installation and maintenance with all parts manufactured to close tolerances to ensure interchangeability.


  • CASING – Volute type of robust construction provides high efficiency. A deep stuffing box is incorporated and internally sealed to prevent the ingress of air; mechanical seal is standard and gland packing is optional. The option of different types of hard faced mechanical seals may also be fitted. The delivery branch can be rotated to give any one of eight different positions to enable the most suitable pipework layout to be used
  • IMPELLER – Double shrouded and secured to the shaft by locknut and key. On the large pump sizes, balancing holes are utilised to minimise hydraulic thrust
  • SHAFT – Accurately machined from a high quality stainless steel and designed to operate without vibration. A renewable shaft sleeve is provided as standard on all larger pumps (111,112,114 frame sizes)
  • BEARINGS – Close tolerance bearings provide long life and are grease sealed to keep routine maintenance to a minimum
  • PEDESTAL – Cast iron construction. This can be modified to take double row bearings which can also be oil filled


  • Industrial – product transfer, waste disposal, food processing, heating, cooling etc.
  • Municipal – water supply, swimming pools, effluent treatment, flood control etc.
  • Agricultural – water supply, stock irrigation, washdown etc.
40mm x 40mm
RRP: $5,972.00
Sale Price: $4,181.00
50mm x 50mm
RRP: $6,013.00
Sale Price: $4,210.00
65mm x 80mm
RRP: $6,125.00
Sale Price: $4,288.00
80mm x 100mm
RRP: $7,769.00
Sale Price: $5,439.00
100mm x 100mm
RRP: $8,017.00
Sale Price: $5,612.00
125mm x 125mm
RRP: $10,837.00
Sale Price: $7,586.00
150mm x 150mm
RRP: $11,146.00
Sale Price: $7,803.00
150mm x 175mm
RRP: $11,286.00
Sale Price: $7,901.00
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